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Once you evolve your Pokemon with the Mega-Stone will they remain Mega-Evolved forever?

I hope not because I'd like to keep my normal Charizard and I think a permanent Mega-Evolution would ruin the Kanto starters.

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It doesn't work like regular evolutions. Regular evolutions occur after battle when Pokemon level up. For Mega-Evolutions, you will need for them to hold a specific item unique to that Pokemon. So Charizard's should be Charizardnite.You will also need that Pokemon to get a Key Stone and a Mega Ring. Then, while IN-BATTLE, you will need to press a button and choose an attack. The Pokemon will mega-evolve AND attack on the same turn. As for charizard, after evolving, Charizard will have increased special attack AND have the ability drought. The downside is that you can only use 1 megalution every battle. But that keeps the game from being broken XD.

Sources: http://www.serebii.net/xy/megaevolutions.shtml

Hope this helped! :)

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So........that means that it is permanent?
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No they are evoulutions in battle. Your Charizard will me back to normal after the battle.

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I'm pretty sure that this hasn't been revealed yet, but It is very unlikely that it will be permanent, as it take place in battle and seems to be less like an evolution and more changing forms.

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