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I don't know if this was asked before, but do Pokemon after mega evolving have different EV yields? I thought it was possible because:

  1. The change in form take's place before anything (other than switching) and hence the change would in EV yields can always happen before the said Pokemon is knocked out.

  2. The base stat changes recieved is a titanic 100 BST (base stat total) more, and even abilities change to better suit they're function, sometimes completely changing they're role altogether (like Heracross now becoming a bulky attacker instead of a sweeper), so there is a chance the EV yield would change too.

All in all this is just a question out of curiosity, but it may hold significance too.

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Mega Pokemon do not have different EV yields. I remember a lot of questions like this asked a while back as well.
It's still the same Pokemon at the core, and it gives the same amount of EVs as the non-mega form.

Hope I helped.

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K, thanks for clearing it for me!
Also, only like 4 mega evolutions can be faught for EVs so it makes sense that GF didnt add different EVs for them.