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I was just wondering if any stat changes done before a Pokemon mega-evolves will be carried over after they mega evolve. E.g., Gardevoir uses calm mind, and then a turn later mega evolves. Since mega Gardevoir's sp. atk & sp. def are higher than regular gardevoir's, do the effects of the calm mind increase to match the higher stats? Or do stat modifiers just kind of 'reset' when a Pokemon mega evolves? Thanks in advance.

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To rephrase what everyone said in to understandable words:

When you mega evolve and you have a boost such as Calm Mind or Swords Dance, you do keep the boost, and those boosts effect the mega's stats, not the original.

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They don't reset because when my Scizor uses swords dance and then mega evolves Scizor still gets the +2 attack boost. Hope I helped!
Source: my Scizor using swords dance and then mega evolving.

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First of all no, stat modifiers don't reset when a Pokemon mega evolves. Second yes, the calm mind boost would adjust to gardevoir's new stats. So basically the dtat boosts do adjust when a Pokemon megavolves, allowing it to abuse that stat with that stat boost.

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