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There have been rumours of banned Pokemon on online?
Does any know if this is true?

Back in black (and white) was it the garchomp with sand-veil ban, and i also heard something about azu+belly drum+Aqua jet ban, and a drizzle+kingdra+swift Swim ban. Thats all i remember, but many of the new mega evolutions are op enough for ban, so im pretty sure some of Them will be banned after a while, but i dont know.
Are you talking about Smogon bans, which are fan made rules, or are you talking about Pokemon that are banned from wifi battles/ tournaments, which was decided by Nintendo/ Game Freak?
We don't really know what Pokemon exactly are banned. We know for a fact that the Pokemon that we're banned from the past gens are still banned such as lugia and chatot. We will probably get a full list of Pokemon that are banned  including from this gen when it gets closer to a competition

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There are no actual banned Pokemon for online. However there are rules that ban Pokemon for competitive battling. Go gootle "gen 6 competitive rules smogon" and look for what is allowed and what isn't.

Evasion cause: No double team, minimize, etc...
UBERs Cause: You're too strong to be used professionally
Hackmons: Why would you think you could get away w/ using a hack anyways?
Moody Cause: Mindanao goes w/ Evasion cause. Also it's really OP

Just to name a few rules

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There are banned Pokemon via wifi. Most event legendaries are banned from normal play.