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@[email protected] getting kinda tired of all the breeding and raising required to bring forth battle-league powerful Pokemon and ideal move sets. I am trying to breed a sneasel with ice punch and assist.... and comeing up with just assist so far, that was easy. all the older Pokemon seem to no longer have ice punch in the move set, and i'm at a loss as to what to get ahold of... I need a part field egg group male that learns the move ice punch by leveling up, not yet another one that only learns via breeding.... I need a Pokemon with that move to breed sneasel.... i've exausted beartic, buizel/floatzel, bidoof/bibarel, psyduck/golduck, quagsire, and I have the idea that himonchan would be likely, but is it even an applicable option? any other ideas?


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OK. I do not think I got it correct, and I may be wrong, but I'll try to answer, because who doesn't try anything doesn't get anything as well.

If I understand, you want a Sneasel with Ice Punch and Assist, not you ?
OK, try out this: (Pokémon Black and White 2 mandatory)

  1. Catch a Female Sneasel.
  2. Get a Female Furret.
  3. Get a Male Liepard with Assist.
  4. Breed Liepard + Furret. Baby Sentret should be Male, and knows Assist.
  5. Make Sentret evolve, and learn Ice Punch to your new Furret from the BW 2 tutor.
  6. Breed Sneasel + the new Furret = Sneasel with Assist and Ice Punch :)

This is the best way I've found to get Ice Punch and Assist Sneasel. Then, transfer the Sneasel to X&Y (I think PokéBank is now open, but trust me, I do not know.)

If you already have a female Sneasel with Assist and try to get one with Ice Punch as well, then I do not think there is a Pokémon which learns both Assist and Ice Punch by level up. The method I listed above is, I think, the best one to get a such Sneasel.

PokeBank opens in just over 2 weeks for most countries.
...... do i really have to wait two weeks? i just wanted one now, but if i have to wait, so be it. on the white two i have numerous sneasel and weavile all with that move combo. i was hoping to add icicle crash any way,allotting assist to more of a cover all the bases move and letting the other three be decent STAB moves.... super-sneasels gonna have to wait.... T.T
Wait what? 16 days? Oh no, they're all gonna die :P
If you are still looking for a Sneasel with Ice Punch, Assist, and Icicle Crash. I have taken the liberality of doing that to save you the hassle since I have more of a knack for egg move breeding than actual battling. Send me your friend code if you would like to trade for it
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I have something that is a long shot, and a little ridiculous, but it might work. It helped me when I was in a bind like this myself. have a male smeargle. A Smoochum with Ice punch on it (through breeding) and a Pokemon with assist.
To start only have the Pokemon with assist and the smergle with only sketch. Try to encounter a smeargle on route 7 or Friend Safarri and use assist (wont work unless you are faster). since the only move that can be used by Assist is Sketch the move will fail, forcing the opposing smeargle to learn assist as opposed to the move you would have used through assist and allowing you to copy it onto yours. Than after learn ice punch the same way but have a quick claw on your smoochum (you could try Jynx on the Friend Safarii Smeargle. should not be able to kill it. which can relearn Ice punch with a heart scale, though Smoochum cannot) and train it's speed EVs so that you can out speed the smeargle but still not have enough power to kill it.
If you attempt to do this, may the best of luck be with you

huh, if i use this method correctly... i could just teach smeargle all the moves i need to breed for..... most of the pokemon i want to breed are field types... thank you, this is sooo much better of a plan... i think. i just need to get ahold of a razorclaw too, and thats a hastle. i'm looking forward to exchanging BP from pokebank for a treasure trove of razorclaws. i refuse to EVER go without again.
I have a Sneasel with all the moves said in the comments above (Ice Punch, Assist, Icicle Crash) if you would like to trade. I don't really want anything in particular. I have not filled up almost any of the national dex so any Pokemon you have will most likly be what I need for helping to complete it. I mostly caught 6th gen pokemon