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Who can i breed my sneasel or weavile with to get ice punch
(just to make sure there's no confusion, i want the new sneasel to learn ice punch)

in b/w or hg/ss?

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You need to breed a Female Weavile/Sneasel with a male Delibird, Buneary/Lopunny, Scraggy/Scrafty, Smeargle, or Cubchoo/Beartic who knows it. However, none of these pokemon can learn it by leveling up, so it must be bred onto them (or sketched, in Smeargle's case.) However, only Buneary can learn it through one step of breeding. You can breed it onto buneary from a male Hitmonchan, Jynx, or Medicham. The other pokemon listed above would have to have it bred on through a bunary/Loppuny anyways.

Buneary or Smeargle would be your best bet.

Male Nidoking, Psyduck/Golduck, Mankey/Primeape, Rhydon/Rhyperior, Sentret/Furret, Aipom/Ambipom , Wooper/Quagsire, Snubbull/Granbull, Sneasel, Teddiursa/Ursaring, Miltank, Slakoth/Vigoroth /Slaking, Whismur/Loudred /Exploud, Mawlie,Grumpig, Spinda, Zangoose, Kecleon, Buizel/Floatzel, Lopunny, and Lucario also can be parents of an ice-punch sneasel, but they need to learn the move from a gen 4 tutor.

I got the info from the egg moves page.

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list for d/p: Sneasel/Delibird/ weavile/buneary/ lopbunny.
list for b/w:Sneasel/Weavile/Delibird/Buneary/Lopbunny/cubchoo/ beartic/Scraggy/scrafty.
hope this helps. :)