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Every time one of my friends challenge me to a battle, the game asks me if I want to turn off the game chat. I think it would be cool to talk to them, so I click the 'no' button, but the battle automatically cancels if I click the 'no' button, so I'm forced to not use the game chat. What's the point of even giving me the option to choose if it only allows me to choose the 'yes' button?

When I challenge my friends to battles, the game asks if I want to turn on the game chat. A lot of the time I assume they click the yes button because I end up being unable to talk to them. But sometimes, very rarely, the game chat activates and I am able to talk to them.


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This is because the friend who offered the challenge denied game chat, therefore the game either wants you to agree to their decision, or else cancel the battle altogether. So, yeah. x)

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