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See this page. How many battles are needed before a new music is unlocked?
BTW, PvP stands for "player-vs-player".

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I think you have to talk to Alexa at Lumiose Press... I'm not sure:
The GameFAQs users have to be wrong; I've talked with her and it doesn't work.
Okay then, yeah. Good Luck. x)
When you have completed the game
The internet and I beg to differ.
Please answer in the form of an answer.
1) His answer is incorrect. Like I said, I and the internet beg to differ. Hence,
2) I converted his answer into a comment because it was wrong.

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From experience, you get new tracks as you complete the game. I battled someone after I'd beaten the 2nd gym, and I had only 4 tracks, and I battled after beating the game and I had 11. Either you beat the game or you unlock tracks as you hear them in-game.
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EDITED. Need this confirmed by someone else, please?