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Florges is a fairly decent Pokemon actually. It's magnificent Special Bulk, good SAtk stat, sub-par speed, supportive movepool make it a great supporting fairy type and it does a great job at it. It usually rivals with Sylveon but the only reason a supportive Sylveon should be considered is because of it's stronger wishes....that't it.



  • Large base SDef
  • Great SAtk stat
  • Decent Movepool
  • Relatively Decent Speed
  • Decent HP
  • Reliable Wish support
  • Like all fairies immune to dragon type attacks
  • What makes it so exceptional to other fairies is it's all around bulk and to be more specific it's special bulk which makes it more viable to fully invest in it's poor defense stat for it will still be exceptionally bulky reaching a 344 SDef stat at level 100 (with 31 Ivs in SDef) without any SDef boosting nature.
  • What makes it sometimes considered over Togekiss is usually just the fact that it isn't weak to SR which enables it to freely switch in and out when needed.

It is hard to compare it to the other Fairy types because they tend to be more offensive or even just leads.

However this lovely gardener does not only bring rays of sunshine. It's defense stat is rather poor and to be more specific most disgraceful. Since it lacks access to reliable recover outside of Wish and Rest with the latter not being optional at all. Despite it being possible to raise this poor stat it will still not be as physically bulky as it is needed to be and due to this it is easily forced out by powerful steel types. It's HP is decent but still sub par. Because of this it can even seriously get itself dented by even special attacks which can be rather disappointing since it is a special wall.


  • HP can be a crutch for it at times
  • Horrible Defense stat
  • Lacks reliable recovery

All around Florges is a very good Fairy type Pokemon but not better than the other Fairy types who utilize a very similar role as it does because it. Some of them wield better coverage moves like Sylveon, Togekiss and Gardevoir making them quite the bulky Pokemon to face. However what they do not wield is that Great SDef stat.
Being a pure Fairy type only benefits it more because unlike Gardevoir it isn't weak to Ghost and unlike Togekiss it isn't weak to Electric, Ice and Rock type moves as well giving it a lot of neutralities enabling it to tank moves a little better than they can.
I can confidently say that it is most definitely a Fairy type worth using.

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Thank you so much I think I will keep florges and try my best to raise its defense.
Wow I feel so lazy and lame..
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If you're talking about stats, Florges has amazing special defense and good special attack. Overall this Pokemon is the third best fairy Pokemon. The only two better are Xerneas and Mega Gardevoir.
Obviously you can do a lot of damage with this guy, but as for movepool, it for some reason learns a ton of grass moves, even though it is not grass type at all. But comparing with others, the only ones that can compete with it is:

Gardevoir, which has better special attack than special defense. I feel like it has a better movepool for a special sweeper, and Florges has a better movepool for like special tank. (If I used the term right I don't actually do competitive) It also has a mega evolution, but I'm pretty sure there are better Pokemon to mega evolve in one battle.

Sylveon, it's basically a lesser Florges statwise, but it may have a slightly better movepool if anything at all. Perhaps it's in a lower tier, I don't really know.

Carbink, It has worse stats overall than some others but it has OP defense and special defense, and it is pretty awesome for setting up Stealth Rock and some Light Screen and Reflect.

Finally there's Togekiss, which is pretty good overall, it has slightly better specail attack than special defense, it has a pretty awesome movepool I have to say, but being good overall it may be a downside, depending on what you want to do with this fairy type.

I didn't mention Xerneas because it's a legendary and there is no comparison.

Hope I helped to some extent.

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