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>Has Prankster and a remarkable movepool to benefit form it
Has a good way of healing with Draining Kiss
Amazing defensive typing with just 2 weaknesses

>Not the best defenses
Almost no offensive pressure, although Swagger + Foul Play helps a little
Both it's weaknesses are very common
Faces competition from Sableye

>Amazing special wall
Good typing that gives it decent defensiveness
A decent 112 Special Attack to give it offensive pressure with Moonblast and other moves
Good support options with wish and Aromatherapy

>Very weak on the defensive side
Base 75 speed leaves a lot to be desired
Limited coverage leaves it very vulnerable to it's weaknesses
Faces competition from Chasey and Blissey, both of which have better defenses.

These two fairy Pokemon serve distinctly different purposes, but as an offensive cleric, Florges is better but as a status inducer and hazard setter, Klefki is better.

Hope I helped!

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Lets's get straight to it.

We'll start with Klefki:


Prankster - Don't think this require much explanation. Priority status can be extremely annoying, especially Thunder Wave which can cripple frail .sweepers.

Dual screens - Utilises Prankster well.


Stats - Unlike Florges, Klefki has mediocre defenses and low Hp.

No reliable recovery - Klefki doesn't have any form of reliable recovery outside of rest, and with its defenses it will get worn down fast with just Leftovers.

Bad offensive movepool - Klefki's offensive movepool is practically one type in Fairy, which steel types can wall, and toxic doesn't affect them. Not that you would stay in.

Next is Florges:


Stats - Florges has decent Hp and very high special defense and good special attack.

Semi-reliable recovery - In the form of wish. You can run protect which also works well with toxic.

Support moves - Florges has access to Aromatherapy, which is a very useful move and can even win you the game in certain situations. It can also utilise wish to wish pass.


Bad offensive movepool - Just like Klefki, steel types painfully wall it. But again, you're obviously not going to stay in.

Bad defense - Florges has low defense. This can be fixed by running a defenskve set. Florges' special defense is already so high it doesn't need investment. It still gets 2HKO by powerful STAB moves though.

In the end, I would pick Florges a great special wall and support and just all around better in my opinion. It's your choice though. Although Sylveon can do everything Florges can better, Florges is the choice for UU.

Spent so long on this answer I didn't see that it was already answered, but there is a whole 23 minute difference lol.
Florges does not have decent HP for a Wish user though, and that is the prime reason Chansey and Blissey outclass it in everything bar offense and typing. Klefki however, is very unpredictable, it can run various sets that all benefit from Prankster, like Swagger + Foul Play, Dual Screens, Parafusion, Hazard setting etc.
So it doesn't necessarily mean that Florges outclasses Klefki, they both run somewhat different roles, so comparison is almost impossible.