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I want to choose one for my competitive wi-fi team. Thanks in advance.

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enter image description here Mega Gengar


  • Shadow Tag is an overpowered ability that makes the opponent unable to switch out, this helps it be a very efficient Destiny Bond user and sweeper.
  • Extremely diverse movepool that includes: Dazzling Gleam, Evergy Ball, Psychic, Dark Pulse and more.
  • Very high SpA (170) and Speed (130) stats.


  • Low Defenses and HP.
  • Unlinke ordinary Gengar, it isnt immune to Ground, meaning it has more weaknesses.

Terlor is so smexy doe Mega Alakazam


  • Its SpA (175) and Speed (150) stats are amongst the highest in the game.
  • While its movepool isnt as diverse as MGengar's, it includes powerful moves such as: Dazzling Gleam, Energy Ball and Focus Blast.


  • It gets a pretty useless ability, Trace.
  • It doesnt have dual type, meaning it only gets STAB from 1 type.
  • Just like MGengar, it has low HP and Defense

For your team I would recommend Gengar, but it depends on which one synergises better.

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