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Soni'm thinking of training a trevenantni caught from winding woods in a horde I was just wondering if it was worth it.


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High attack, access to powerful stab moves, access to boosting moves such as curse or honeclaws, access to leech seed and willowisp(if youre going bulky), has usefull abilities such as natural cure or harvest, useful resistances and immunities

Very slow, not exceptionally bulky, very common weaknesses

If this is for ingame, it might be a good addition to your team(though I think gourgeist supersize is much better)

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Thankyou very much its just what I wanted.
btw, i think trevenant looks much cooler and awesome than gourgeist and trevenant has better abilities overall. With natural cure, you dont need to be visiting the pokemon center too much and wasting your money on full restores!
Yeah true thanks.