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I'm wondering if I should teach it to Aurorus, it knows Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, and Blizzard.


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freeze dry is a normal ice type move, but its just super effective against water types. Ice beam has way better power then it, and thunderbolt is already super effective against water and even more types. Honestly, its not to good of a move to teach to your aurorus, and I wouldn't go for it.

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That's what I was thinking too. Do you think I should leave this moveset how it is?
I don't think you should - it has 3 Ice type moves on it (including Hyper Beam, thanks to  Refrigerate) which is definitely overkill.  It can learn some pretty good TM as well, so there is no need for it. If you want to stick to Special Attacks, then it can get the TMs for Psychic, Dark Pulse, and Flash Cannon. There are other moves to consider of course, but those are just some suggestions.
Thanks @MeloettaMelody! Where's the TM for Dark Pulse and Flash Cannon, and which move should I replace ?
Dark Pulse is on Route 15, and Flash Cannon is in Kiloude City (so it's post-E4). As for what to replace, it kind of depends on whether this is in-game or competitive. I would suggest keeping Ice Beam, though, for its dependability.
Thank You!! My Aurorus is mostly used in-game, but I also use it competitively in Wi-Fi battles and the Battle Maison
I was only wondering because in-game Hyper Beam is a good move for it, as you can switch out if you KO the opponent with it. Of course, competitively you don't get that option, so it is terrible.
That's true.