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I can guess most of them but some of them but with others I'm like "wha???"
Also to whoever is going to answer this question there is a side question: Is there an actual purpose to the Team Flare Bag?

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Each of the training bags is designed to look like a Pokemon with that base stat being particularly high, and are all organized into evolutionary lines. They are as follows

-Small: Azurill
-Medium: Marill
-Large: Azumarill

-Small: Machop
-Medium: Machoke
-Large: Machamp

-Small: Aron
-Medium: Lairon
-Large: Aggron

Special Attack
-Small: Litwick
-Medium: Lampent
-Large: Chandelure

Special Defense
-Small: Flabebe
-Medium: Floette
-Large: Florges

-Small: Zubat
-Medium: Golbat
-Large: Crobat

As for the team flare bag, it reduces the number of hits required to break the next bag you use.


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Thanks, it has been bothering me for a while now.
The only one I could NOT figure out was the SDef one. Very helpful.