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I'm talking about super training btw. I've noticed that every now and then I receive a double up bag instead of, say, an attack bag. For those of you who don't know, a Double-Up Bag doubles the amount of EV's you earn in the next super training regiment. So, instead of earning 12 EV's if I do lvl 3 training, I will earn 24 instead! But only works for one regiment.

I was wandering for a while, what happens if you manage to get two Double-Up Bags and use them both at once? Will the effects stack and give me 48 EV's? Or will using another one simply reset the previous one or something?

I really wanna try it out if they do stack :)


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No. After using a Double-Up bag, unless you do a Super Training Regiment, using any other bag (including a Double-Up bag) will negate the effect.

Source: Experience. And I would link you to my brain, but I don't know the URL.

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