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To obtain a reset bag in XY, simply spam-punch the default bag in the (Core) Super Training Regimen. Although, you can get a Reset Bag by doing this method, you may receive other bags such as the Attack Bag M, so be patient.

An easier way to obtain a Reset Bag from Core Training is by simply waking up a sleeping Pokemon in the training regimen. Since the Pokemon wakes up, it gains more energy, so there will be a higher chance of Core Training bags to appear. I was able to get 4 Reset Bags from waking up a sleeping Pokemon in less than minute.

Team Flare bags can help boost the energy of your Pokemon, too.

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Here's how I got my reset bags: Kept spamming the dark gray bag until I got one. It works! Plus you can get cool bags like Defense Bag L or a Soothing Bag.
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The dark gray bag?
The main bag, the one when you start to super train
Yah still dont know what it is, put a pic in your answer of it