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Lets say if I bred a Male Farfetch'd that knows Defog with a Female Farfetch'd, will the newly hatched Farfetch'd know the move Defog?


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Omg, going against the status quo c:

If the father can learn the HM naturally, and the offspring can learn it through HM, then it actually is possible to give the offspring an HM move via breeding.

For example, if a Female Lumineon bred with a Male Seaking (that learnt Waterfall at Level 40), then the resulting Finneon would have Waterfall.

Unfortunately, in your example Farfetch'd can't learn Defog naturally, and therefore the offspring will not have Defog.

It's also worth noting that this works with TMs as well, which is much easier as many Pokemon can learn TM-applicable moves naturally.

Hope I helped. :)
Multiple parts of Bulbapedia and Serebii that I can't be bothered linking to :P

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Your answer is the exact opposite of Le Scraf's answer, so... which one is the correct answer? >-<
That's because Rock Smash is a TM.
But, the father can pass down TMs/HMs only if the offspring can also learn the TMs/HMs.
So will the newly hatched Farfetch'd know the move Defog in X/Y?
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Okay, for the skeptics, eat this up with a side of fries:
(Head to the 'TM and HM moves' section)
I've edited the answer, so now it should make sense. Farfetch'd can't learn Defog in X and Y, so the whole breeding process won't work in the first place since it can't learn the move. c:
this guy is correct everything that he said it true.