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I've slow Pokemon with a lot of attack and I've seen Pokemon with good defense and special defense. I see Pokemon with a speed of 332 or 367. Why are fast Pokemon like ninjask or greninja or mewtwo have really low defensive power?

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(Most) Fast Pokemon are designed to be Sweepers or Baton Passers and need speed to overpower opponents. The 50 fastest Pokemon (albeit legendairies) have Defense and Special Defense stats below 100.

Take Aerodactyl for example. Aerodactyl has plenty of powerful moves in its level-up movepool, including the Elemental Fangs, Bite/Crunch, Iron Head, Rock Slide and Sky Drop. Its TM pool is even more vast, encompassing Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Giga Impact (with Rock Head), Stone Edge and Fly.

With such a vast variety of Physical moves and 105 attack (135 with Mega Evolution), Aerodactyl would be an unstoppable beast with defensive stats of Blastiodon (168 Def, 138 SpDef). Game Freak realized this and gave it defensive stats of 65 Def and 75 SpDef to counterbalance its amazing Attack, making it less of a threat.

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'Less unstoppable.' Yes, that makes sense.
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It's because if a Pokemon like Ninjask were to have great Defensive power, it would be overpowered, as its Speed and Attack are already great.

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Well, if you take it to reality (I know, not smart) something quick has to dress lightly, otherwise he won't be quick. Like real-life ninjas. They're fast and hit hard, but only because they wear limited armor. Big tough guys with lots of armor don't move quickly, but they hit hard and can take hits. It's a bit of a trade off. The bigger something is, the slower it moves, but the harder it is to break. The smaller something is, the quicker it moves, but the easier it is to break.

Hope this wasn't too confusing.

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They all arnt like that. It depends on the way they were ev trained and/ or the way the stats just are

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