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I mean for god sake, all of the pokeball vivillon are so dang fast. Man they are quick....... AND THEY DONT EVEN HAVE CHOICE SCARF! My Noivern, Weavile, Crobgat, or Jolteon cant even outspeed it without it being choiced or have a priority move. I hate when this happens cause than it can run the cheap quiver dance+ hurricane+ compound eyes combo, which I dont mind but it cant be faster than most Pokemon. Someone plz tell me how this is happening? :(


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Vivillon actually isn't that fast. It only has base 89 Speed, which is pretty slow except in NU where one Quiver Dance makes it faster than pretty much the entire unboosted tier. So without any Speed modifiers, Choice Scarves, etc. involved, all the Pokemon you mentioned should outspeed it.

Perhaps you weren't being observant and just missed something in the battle. Some likely situations are:

  • There was Sticky Web in play and you didn't notice.
  • Vivillon had one or more Quiver Dances set up (with full Speed EVs, Timid and +1 in Speed, Vivillon is faster than all those Pokemon by quite a bit).
  • You weren't using any Speed EVs on those Pokemon and Vivillon was using full Speed investment, which would make Vivillon slightly faster than all those Pokemon.

Really there is no definite answer if we don't know the exact situation you were in. Also, assuming you were on Pokemon Showdown, possibly you were playing a Random Battle? If so, then possibly Vivillon's higher level would have made a difference (Pokemon in lower tiers receive higher levels).

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Similar to sticky web, there might've been a tailwind up.