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I want a salamence, but my bagon sucks. It stats are really low, so it can't deal any damage while getting destroyed by hits quite easily. It is the weakest member on my team and it is taking way too long to level up. I know Salamence is a pseudo legend, but Is he even worth using in the long run?

Why did gamefreak have to add all powerful psued legends but make their first forms suck...well, except for larvitar.

If it's your Fly Pokemon, may I suggest Drifblim? It's quite good.
To answer your second question, the reason they suck is because their final forme is so powerful. It's to balance things out.
(not that I agree that "fairies" balance the Dragon Type)
Also, if it's too weak now, consider boxing it temporarily until later, when your team can sweep easily, the ExpShare-train it

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Game Freak added psuedo legendaries with lesser first forms to offset how powerful they become. For example, Dratini is a mediocre Pokemon that evolves into the all-powerful Dragonite. The first evolution offsets the final evolution's power and makes the game more fair.

As for your Salamence, level it up and use it. It is more than worth it in-game.

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