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I have a female bagon with adamant with rock head ability(goes intimidate for Sala). I have Male Salamance with Moxie with wrong nature. I have adamant ditto with limber. I have imposter ditto with sassy nature. I have everstone. How can I get bagon with Adamant and Moxie ability? All this is Black 2 gen 5.
Highly grateful for any possible help

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With the tools you have at your disposal, you cannot get another HA Bagon (unless you use its Hidden Grotto). This is because in Gen 5, the ability of a male Pokemon has no bearing on the ability of its offspring, even when breeding with Ditto. I can confirm this 100% because I have bred competitive Pokemon for years. The wording on Bulbapedia is also quite deliberate:

Since Generation VI, it is possible for male and genderless Pokémon to pass down their Ability if bred with a Ditto, in which case it has a 60% chance to pass down its Hidden Ability.

You can breed another Bagon with Adamant very easily using Everstone, but they will always have Rock Head and never Sheer Force. If you were to transfer your Pokemon to Gen 6+, then you could breed your male Salamence with your Adamant Ditto holding an Everstone and expect to get some Adamant + HA Bagon.

I don't know what you're going to use the Salamence for, but if it's any consolation, the decision between Moxie and Intimidate was always contentious in Gen 5 competitive play. In my opinion, Intimidate wins out if you're using a Dragon Dance set because it grants safer set-up opportunities. Intimidate is also optimal in doubles.

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Hey thanks a lot for such a long detailed explanation. I also suspected the same due to the wording of bulbapedia. And my 2 boxes full of adamant rock head bagon agree with this.

I'm primarily going to use the Salamance for in game Pokémon World Tournament and Battle Subway.

I can't really trade since I'm on am emulator. I guess it's back to the grotto. I thought this would be easier than ditto one since its 3% instead of 1% but it's only gonna be 30% females. So actual 0.9%. I already caught another male sheer force baton so hopeful for a female one soon.
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Unless I misunderstood you could breed the female bagon holding an ever stone with moxie salamence (if it is male, if not just breed it until you get one with the same ability) after awhile you should get the right ability.

Yes I edited the question now to reflect that it is male moxie sala. I will try this out and will let you know the results.
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Well, this is unofficial data, but I was bored so I did an experiment.

I bred a legit Own Tempo Rockruff with Jolly nature (I know it is legit because it was traded to me by a friend) with a Sassy Ditto holding an everstone. I mean, I could’ve found this on the web.... but I was really bored :P.

So what happened was I got 3 female Own Tempo Rockruffs with Sassy as their nature. I did the experiment because I wasn’t sure if Ditto could pass down their nature via an everstone, but it worked.

So I would say take the Adamant Ditto and give it an Everstone. Breed it with the Moxie Salamence and you’ll eventually get an Adamant Sheer Force Bagon.

Note that this is in Ultra Sun. Hopefully the breeding mechanics are the same :P

Of course, there are other ways to do this, but I’ve found that this is very efficient.

Hope this helps! :)

The forums and internet confirms this works from gen 6 onwards, not for 5. I have bred around bagons all with rock head, but if nothing else works I will still give it another try.
It might just be because you’ve been unlucky... but what do I know?
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Have adamant ditto hold an everstone and breed with the moxie Salamence. Do not breed the rock head Bagon as you will never get it's hidden ability. Take note that passing down hidden abilities is not guaranteed. It is only about 60% of the time so breed a whole bunch of moxie Salamence

The forums and internet confirms this works from gen 6 onwards, not for 5. I have bred around bagons all with rock head, but if nothing else works I will still give it another try.