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Recently I've been quite bored on my Pokémon BW2 Game, and haven't been in the mood for wi-fi battles. I am looking for some fun pokémon to breed, such as Hi Jump Kick Lucario or Hydro Pump Salamence.

Masquerain and hydro pump.

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Scrafty is the best breeding partner to obtain a Hi Jump Kick Lucario, as it can also potentially pass on Crunch, another great offensive move. Blaziken can give it sky uppercut and blaze kick, two other decent offensive moves. As for Salamence, Gyrados and Kingdra are the best options, as both can pass on dragon dance, a great boosting move, and hydro pump.

I know how to breed them I'm just looking for good ones to breed.
I swear you guys write like me :)

Sounds like something I would write.
Well you can catch scrafty at route one, and kingdra (and its pre evos) at route 17. Gyarados is available as a magikarp that can be bought from tge magikarp a salesmen on marvelous bridge I believe. Also, you may be able to find someone willing to trade you a good one on chat.