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I caught my mewtwo yesterday and I saw its IVs on instacheck and I didn't believe that it had that stats normally .Is that normal in X and Y or I am the super lucky ?and please tell me how to EV it and what moves will be good for it .
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You are very lucky you got the 4 IV Mewtwo tailored to Mewtwo's strongest stats. This doesn't normally happen.
As for EV Training it, since you have the SpAtk IV, train it 252 SpAtk, 252 Spd, 4 HP to make it become a special sweeper.

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thanks a lot for help :D
In X and Y, baby Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon always have at least three perfect IVs (when caught in the wild).  So you were lucky in so far as you  got  four perfect IVs, and those IVs were particularly suited to Mewtwo's strengths.