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In usum, you can poach the Caterpies, Exeggcutes and Psyducks in order to ev train. I was wondering which other Pokemon can I poach in order to ev train for hp, def, and spa specifically? Because I think Caterpie is afraid of me because it takes me half an hour just to search for one and that mini Goodra that sometimes shows up is ruining my ev count

So, which other sos battles give out the mentioned evs? Preferably with a really high call rate and spawn chance, or both

I like chansey but it’s a tad rare
I personally like Grimer for HP in Malie City outskirts.

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If you want an alternative to Caterpie, go with Chansey. Chansey has a call rate of 9, which is pretty decent as far as call rates though

If you want to get more EVs than that, chaining Chansey in Poni Plains gives you 2 HP EVs per Chansey and 3 per Blissey.

If you don't want to try to find Chansey, which usually only takes 5-15 minutes for me, you can hunt for Grimer, which also has a call rate of 9. It can be found at Malie City Outer Cape with a 30% encounter rate.

Bonsly is good for Defense. It has a call rate of 15 (max).

Defense- I’d say Bonsly. If you break the rocks on Route 1, enter the grass and there is a 30% encounter rate for Bonsly. It grants, again, 1 Defense EV. It can also call Sudowoodo as its ally, which gives 2 Defense EVs when you beat it.

Zorua, in my opinion, is the best for training Special Attack. It has a call rate of 9 (pretty good).

Special Attack- This one is harder. I’d suggest Zorua though. At the Trainer’s School, Zorua has a 30% encounter rate. Beating a Zorua gives 1 Special Attack EV. It can only call itself when SOS chaining though.


Hope this helps! :)

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Can you also please include the call rate, or whatever it's called, in which how much a pokemon screams for help? And can you also include something other than Chansey since I don't think it's the best for ev training because it's call rate is lower when compared to the other ones you poach for ev training?
OK, got it.
Thanks. Just one last question, are these the only alternatives? Are there no other ones with a decent spawn chance and higher call rate?
Cubone can be found for Defense with a 15 call rate and a 24% encounter rate at Wela Volcano Park. Same for Exeggcute, but it has a 40% spawn rate on Exeggutor Island. Gastly is good for Special Attack, it has a 40% spawn rate at Hau'oli Cemetery with a call rate of 9. Igglybuff has a call rate of 15 and gives out HP EVs. It can be found in the day on Route 4 with a 20% spawn rate, same for Route 6.

While these are obviously not all of the options, those are some I would recommend.
Thanks. That's just what I've been looking for. Grimer is a giant pain in the a** to poach because of poison gas