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As in you can't get their previous Evolutions, or find them in the wild or as a gift or anything. Thanks!

Sableye, Mareanie, Goomy, Castform, Gabite, and Vanillite in Sun/Moon. Don’t know anything about Ultra tho

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In Sun/Moon:

Sableye, called by Carbink in Ten Carat Hill and Vast Poni Canyon

Mareanie, called by Corsola on Route 9 and the Melemele Sea

Castform, called by any Pokemon in weather based SOS battles in these locations:

Route 17
Exeggutor Island
Haina Desert
Lush Jungle
Malie Garden
Mount Lanakila
Tapu Village

Goomy, called by any Pokemon during rain based SOS battles in the Lush Jungle and on Route 17. Sliggoo can also be found, however exclusively in SOS battles.

Gabite, called by any Pokemon during Sandstorm in the Haina Desert



All the encounters above are the same, with the addition of,

Golett, called by Krokorok in Haina Desert

Vanillite and Vanillish can be called during hail in Tapu Village and Mount Lanakila by any Pokemon.


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