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Like if I have a male Cinccino with Cute Charm at the front of my party (K.O'd or not K.Od), and I'm hunting for a shiny female Salandit via SOS battles, will females appear more often when help is called?

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I guess it depends on the ability. Synchronize seems to work: http://bulbahandbook.bulbagarden.net/pokemonsunmoon/guide/sos-battle-chaining
But I'm not sure how abilities like Keen Eye or Quick Feet would work.
I tested it, Cute Charm only works if the user is present in battle, and if the wild Pokemon uses a physical attack and is of the opposite gender it will stop calling for help if Infatauted

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Yes that would work, as it affects any encounter, giving you a higher chance for a female if you have a male w/ cute charm, and any other abilities that do a similar thing. (Synchronise, Keen eye etc.)

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