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For example, if you wanted a shiny Castform, or Mareanie, would they be able to SOS Call to make it easier?
Like this:
SOS Call a Corsola until Mareanie appears
2. KO the Corsola
3. Adrenaline Orb the Mareanie
4. Get to 1 HP

Would that make it SOS Call, or does that not work?

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I may be remembering wrong, but I believe they can, but the Mareanie would call a Corsola with the same chance it would that a Corsola would call a Corsola
So it wouldn't call itself as a super high chance?

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In the example of Corsola and Mareanie

If Corsola calls a Mareanie, and then you, the player, kills the Corsola, it becomes impossible for the Mareanie to call anything at all. This goes for all examples of a Pokemon calling a species that is different than itself, with the single exception if Dragonair, who is necessary to making a Dragonite show up via Sos chain.

For example, Mareanie are known to eat Corsola branches. If a Corsola calls a Mareanie, the Mareanie will attack the Corsola. If the Corsola faints, the Mareanie will not call for new allies, which will break the chain.


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Thanks! So pretty much, you'd have to kill the unique pokemon over and over again to get things like HAs or Shinies of those Pokemon?
Yeah, you should watch adrive shiny hunting mareanie