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So I had two Pokemon in my party, and when I tried to move one of them to the pc, it said it was my last Pokemon! It was only doing this for one Pokemon, it let me put the other one in the pc.
The Pokemon it didn't let me move to the pc was a dratini, the other party Pokemon was a riolu. This was in platnium, I have beat 7 gyms, and I need to beat cyrus.

Was one of the two Pokémon fainted?
That's never happened to me before. The only way it can say that (with 2 or more pokemon) is if one is an egg. And I know you can put fainted pokemon in it...
i think the dratini was fainted, if i remember right...thanks guys!!! i didn't even know that it wouldn't let you put fainted pokemon back in the pc in platnium...good to know. :D
Hm, so i don't know, if it's not fainted or something...
You can put fainted Pokemon in the PC! I've tried it in the old versions of Pokemon games. If something changed between that time and now, I don't know, man.
You cannot have 0 pokemon in you're party.
I tried what you said: It worked.

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There are a couple scenarios where this could have happened.

Scenario 1:

The last Pokemon you want to have out (Riolu) is fainted, which is not allowed, therefore not letting you put Dratini into the PC.

Scenario 2:

The game is glitched and isn't letting you put Dratini back into the PC.

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Scenario 3:
Dratini might have mail. (I dunno x3)

Scenario 4:
Dratini might have an HM that you need.

I dunno, I just felt that should be added. I haven't played Platinum in a while.
scenario 5:
it had a ball capsule
it didn't have a ball capsule, or mail. i think it knew surf, but you can put hm pokemon in the pc. by the way, the only way i got it back was by putting five pokemon in my party (so it was full) and then i was able to put dratini back.
If your pokemon is holding Mali, an HM ecsetera it will say the real reason why it can't go in the box, not that its your last pokemon.