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About 6 months ago I was looking at my shiny Vullaby's summary on B2. Then, I looked at the ability. It was blank! I went back to Pokemon list, looked back onto Vullaby's summary, and it was back! Does anybody have an explanation? Why did this happen?
(I gave almost all of my Pokemon in my party mail to hold plus, Vullaby had pokerus 1 time)

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please don't delete this really happened am I the 1st person to have this glitch?

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The glitch you're referring to is called the "Mail Ability Description Glitch".

>If the player reads Mail held by a Pokémon, then views the summary of any Pokémon in their party, the description of its Ability will disappear. The description returns if the player changes to any screen but the one displaying that Pokémon's Ability.


Here is a video of the Mail Ability Description Glitch.

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There isn't much to say here other than it was just a glitch.

I searched on a lot of sites and it seems to be really uncommon so I wouldn't call it a rare event that can be triggered or something of the sort.
So I would just write it off as a glitch.

Hope I helped.