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I put my togepi in the box for 2-4 years, and when I took it out, it evolved after gaining one level.It was level 11 after evolution, but I thought they had to be level 16 to max out happiness?
Also, I purposefully tried to make it hate me by making it faint, and leaving it, not curing it's status, feeding it bitter medicine, and stuff, but the stupid thing still loved me enough to evolve...What the heck is going on?

Who said it had to be level 16? If you repeatedly increased its happiness with items for example, you could have a level 1 evolve at level 2.

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Togepi doesn't have to be level 16 to evolve, it can evolve at any level, so you can theoretically have a Level 2 Togetic/Togekiss.

Furthermore, if you tried to purposely make the Pokemon hate you by making it faint and feeding it bitter medicine, this might have been counteracted by you walking around with it a lot.
Otherwise, this is just a glitch you shouldn't mind, since you have a Togetic!

Here are ways to change Friendship.

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Oh look, you made Togepi cry by feeding it Bitter Foods :[
Shame on you sir
But I hate Togepi... Anyway, I got a new one as I can no longer hate it
Also, I had the battle moments after I took it out. I was trying to make it faint again, but then I saw it's EXP was nearly full, so I decided to level it up, and BOOM. Must be a glitch?
Maybe. Either that or you SOMEHOW got its friendship to 220 by walking around with it a lot and leveling it up (as that makes it gain Friendship)
My togepi is at level 30 an it has not evolved please help