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So I just won ANOTHER Easter giveaway and got myself a lvl 95 shiny Togepi. I tried raising it's happiness but it's still a lvl 99 Togepi. It's almost at lvl 100 and i'm bad at raising happiness and I thought I just met my Death Point but I remember seeing people offer lvl 1 Lucarios and lvl 1 Pikachus and whatnot. So I am not sure how people do this and if it's possible to make a Togepi at lvl 100 evolve to a Togetic when it's still at lvl 100. So could somebody answer all my questions and God please be quick! Thanks!


Why don't you just get more massages or leave it at the isle which raises happiness(Forgot the name)? Assuming this is Pokemon Sun/Moon.
Isle Avue. I tried that and that didn't work.
Have you tried checking its happiness? By the way, it won't evolve if it holds an everstone or if it's in the Day Care. You can save right before it levels up and then restart the game if it doesn't evolve.
But how do I check it's happiness? And it will become lvl 100 if I do either one of those and i'm still not sure if I can let it evolve at lvl 100.
The people with lvl 1 lucarios or pikachus either hacked them or got them in an event I'm not aware of.  That being said, it is possible to raise togepi's happiness without leveling it up.  This contains a complete list of friendship-raising methods:

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In Konikoni City, there is a female veteran outside the TM shop that will evaluate the happiness of your Pokémon. If your Pokémon has maximum happiness, she will say the following:

My! It feels incredibly close to you! Nothing makes it happier than being with you!

Once you get this message from her, you should be safe to level up your Togepi.

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