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What does gender farming mean? Heard the term and I am wondering. I know it's connected to breeding...

I haven't heard the term before, but I assume it means looking for a certain gender.

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It means breeding/catching a Pokemon for a certain gender. Such as most people wanting a female Gardevoir over a male Gardevoir.

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Is there something more to Gender farming?
l'd assume it is exactly what it sounds like, farming for a certain gender, Threeswordrule what kind of answer are you looking for it Oncomingstorm did not answer it correctly?
Really the only other things I could find pertaining to it are breeding for a pokemon whose gender is less common in the species (ex. female starter) or for gender exclusive evolutions/movesets (Ex: Getting a female snorunt). The term also seems relatively new as far as I can tell, or is not too commonly used in my experience
It is what me and Brotad said. That's basically what it is nothing to fancy other than looking for a certain gender. @Samx4
so like breeding girl eevees so you can put when up on the gts and get a rare pokemon?