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I only found pictures of the ones you get from Berry Picker Unlimited:


but essentially, I'm talking about the last two Pokepuffs with the ribbons & stars around them.

I know that if you get a score of 800+ on Head It Unlimited, you get a green one with baubles on top of it instead of the autumnal orange one in the picture (you get the pink Sakura Pokepuff in Head It Unlimited as well), but do you get a different one from Puzzle Unlimited and what score do you need to get those deluxe ribbon Pokepuffs?


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These are called Supreme PokePuffs. There are six of them available, four representing the seasons and two miscellaneous ones.

There is the Spring PokePuff, the pink flowery PokePuff in the picture. It is available by getting a perfect score in any Unlimited-level minigame. It's notably similar to the Sweet PokePuff.

There is the Summer PokePuff, a PokePuff with an orange slice on it, as well as circular sprinkles of different colours. This PokePuff is received when getting a perfect score in the Unlimited Head It minigame. It's notably similar to the Mint PokePuff.

There is the Fall PokePuff, the second special PokePuff in the above picture. It is received by completing the Berry Picker minigame with a perfect score. It's notably similar to the Citrus PokePuff.

There is the Winter PokePuff, a PokePuff with white frosting with chocolate topping, and a cute snowman. :3 Likewise, getting a perfect score in Unlimited Tile Puzzle gets you this PokePuff. It is notably similar to the Spice PokePuff.

And, the miscellaneous PokePuffs:

The Honor PokePuff, a PokePuff with PokeBall and star decorations on it. It is received when you visit Pokemon post-Elite Four victory. It resembles the Mocha PokePuff.

And the Wish PokePuff, a birthday cake PokePuff that will be given to you when visiting a player's Pokemon on their birthday. (i.e. the player's birthday, not the Pokemon. xD) This PokePuff has no origin.

The Supreme PokePuffs give you five hearts when you feed it to your Pokemon.

Hope I helped. :)

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