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Pokemon Bank problem?

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So,Pokémon Bank is about to be released and it has some annoying restrictions .The most annoying thing ever is that ,it wont allow you to trade hacked Pokemon .As a result I wont be able to have some of my most precious legendaries like Mew and Arceus.My true question is ,how will I get all original legendary Pokemon so as to be able to have them in X and Y?

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2 Answers

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By trading for them, transferring them from older generations or waiting for them to be released in events.

The point of these legendaries is that they're meant to to be rare, and therefore hacking them defeats their purpose.

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The only way to get them would be from events in the past. However, the site Pokegen generates hacked Pokemon and event Pokemon that are supposed to be undetectable. Therefore, you could use this site or you could ask someone for cloned event Pokemon, as many people are planning on doing mass giveaways and flooding Wonder Trade with Pokegen Pokemon. (That's how I plan on getting a 6 IV Ditto >:D)

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