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I just got my 3ds fixed and I had no access to the internet and I was wondering if the Pokemon bank was out


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Pokemon Bank was available for a short time before being taken down due to high levels of traffic which basically screwed it up. Nintendo hasn't released a date for it to reccomence yet :I

So basically. No it is not out yet ^_^

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Well, it was released in the Japanese eShop however due to a high volume of users downloading Nintendo Network IDs and downloading the app the eShop had crashed.

After the crash, the PokeBank + PokeTransporter was nowhere to be found. They are still not there.

Only very few amount of people have got the app on Japanese 3DS systems, however no one else has yet to get the PokeBank app. So, it is not out yet and it is unconfirmed when it will be released again.

Hope I helped. :)
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On December 25th also known as Christmas Day, Pokémon Bank was released in Korea and Japan. On that same day, there was a large amount of traffic within Nintendo Network IDs being created within the area, and in the west. This slowed the network to a point where it crashed, so Nintendo postponed the release of Pokémon Bank until its debugging has been done. Although Nintendo has finished getting the Network fine for quite some time, the release of Pokémon Bank will probably not be until between now and the end of February. The Free Trial will probably be extended also.

Hope this helped point out things.