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I have some questions about using Pokemon X and Y: If I have Pokemon Y and I put a Pokemon that evolves by trading in Pokemon Bank, then transfer to Pokemon X will the Pokemon evolve or do I have to get another 2DS to trade?

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>Pokémon that evolve via trading will not evolve when deposited in or withdrawn from Pokémon Bank.

No, if you put a Pokemon that evolves by trading into Pokemon Bank, it will not evolve when you take it out. You don't need another 3DS/2DS, however. You can simply put the Pokemon you want to evolve by trading into the GTS and ask for the same Pokemon, it won't have your OT and you won't be able to nickname it, but it still works.


Do note that this takes forever... Just did this earlier today to evolve some pokemon and get some lucky eggs onto Y from OR.

Seriously, if you do this, try not to do to many at one time or you may hate yourself.
I meant putting it on the GTS and waiting for somebody else to trade it to you, but that method works too.