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Just a question will there still be a 30 day trial
And how long will it be before it reaches Australia.


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Yeah Pokémon Bank is back up in 'certain Asian countries'

Also, yes I believe there is still a 30 day trial
>Trainers who were lucky enough to access Pokémon Bank upon release will also have their 30 day free-trial reset upon re-release.

The last question however, is unknown. No idea when it's going to be released in other countries for now.

Here's some random article on it :D

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Aussie better get it soon or I'll be a sad Indigo >:C
Ikr it seems like we are always last :(
Bad thing about being at the end of the world. :I
Lol true
They better have made some big improvements. If just Japan was able to overload the system . . .