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Ok so I'm not clear on what makes a Pokemon considered as "foreign" for the purposes of Masuda Method breeding?

Now, before you refer to http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Masuda_method that page is not clear about what makes a region.

1. So for instance, if I started a JPN language save file of X&Y in a North American region cartridge, and I trade that Pokemon to an ENG language save file in a North American region cartridge, is that a foreign Pokemon? Or do I have to look for a Pokemon generated in a Japan region cartridge
2. Does Poketransfer change the region (not language) of Pokemon? If I had a Japanese Pokemon (say, Ditto) in a North American region cartridge B2W2, and I Poketransferred it to my North American region cartridge X&Y does it stop being foreign?
EDIT 3. (thanks Immortal, this is a better question than #1, seems that it's unanimous that people think Language settings may not matter) What determines country of origin for purposes of Masuda Method?
a. DS/3DS country setting? So if I have a North American region 3DS, but set my country/region to something like Brazil/Sao Paulo, is it a foreign Pokemon when I trade it to a X&Y cart playing on a 3DS with US/California country/region?
b. DS/3DS region lock setting?
c. X&Y cartridge region lock setting?
d. X&Y cartridge language setting?

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I'm pretty sure that a Pokemon is foreign if it is from a different region, so for example you pick Japanese as your language but your ds's region is north america, then the Pokemon would have a Japanese name but wouldn't give you the increased shiny chance when bred with another north american Pokemon with an English name.

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Well I would like a source to verify this.
Unless this question is super unanswerable since there's no hacking of X/Y yet.
He is right. The Masuda method takes your region into account, not the language you set for the game. The region you have set on your 3ds will be taken into account.
Perhaps true, but I'd appreciate it if you can provide a source to verify this.
Though you said not to refer to the Bulbapedia page, this is still valid: "It occurs whenever Pokémon of differing real-world geographical origin are bred."

Considering that you set your geographical location in the 3DS settings and only set the language in the games, it's safe to assume that it is based on your 3DS settings.
Other than this there's no in-depth info about it(at least from what I've found).
Plus, the Masuda method itself was made to encourage international trading. So real world countries apply here.
Well I'm not still entirely satisfied with the Bulbapedia answer, since it doesn't specifically say how the region marker is set.

'An internal marker on each Pokémon (0x17) identifies their "home location"...'
What is the "home location"? DS/3DS region lock settings? Cartridge region lock settings?
DS/3DS country settings? (So if I have an American region X&Y cart English language, but set my 3DS settings country to Antigua, then it'd be a "foreign" ditto?)

If you look at Pokesav (or a similar tool for past gens) there does not seem to be a field that'll let you change this, merely the language/country of origin.

So I'm still looking for a source for this.
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The Masudo Method depends on your region your 3DS is set at. For example, your region is United Kingdom, foreign Pokemon would be French, German etc.

The ditto would stay foreign
Source: Experience

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Well there isn't any "region selection" at the start of the game, just pick a language.
(That'd be English, not United Kingdom.)
You can still pick a language even in Japanese region cartridges BTW.