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As with many X and Y Pokemon, it only evolves once, which is not a very good sign,. it evolves with a stone, which is not necessarily a bad sign but is probably not a good sign, and I wanna know if it is worth using.

I have like 5 Sun Stones due to the ability Pick Up xD

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Yes. Personally, I love Helioptile. 109 Special Attack and 109 Speed give it devastating capability to sweep teams into dustpans. Here's a sample moveset for him:

enter image description here
Helioptile @ Big Root
Ability: Sand Veil/Dry Skin
EVs: 252 SpAtk, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Nature: Timid (^Spd vAtk)
Parabolic Charge (Great Recovery w/ Big Root)
Thunder/Thunderbolt (Both are good)
Surf (Ground Coverage)
Sandstorm (If you have Sand Veil)/Rain Dance (If you have Dry Skin)

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Probably gonna try and get one with dry skin for the rain boost to Thunder and Surf. Rain Dance does boost water type moves right?
Yes, it boosts it.
Dry Skin > Sand Veil for Water immunity
Replace Jolly with Timid. Jolly: -Special Attack, +Speed Timid: -Attack, +Speed
EV training its Special Attack is bad when your nature lowers your Special Attack in the first place.
My bad, I got those natures mixed up.