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I've never had a shiny before, and I just beat X/Y, so I thought I would go for it. I want it to have either a calm or bold nature on my Elecrike. So, I have a few questions... If I breed a male Elecrike (holding an everstone with bold/calm nature) with a German ditto, will the Masuda Method work? Will the everstone work? Will the everstone effect the Masuda method? I've never tried this, any information would help! Thanks!


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The everstone will pass on the Nature, however the chance of being a Shiny is 1/1365 for each egg with the Masuda Method. Hatch enough eggs, and you will get there.

Sources: Experience and Bulbapedia

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Yes, it will work. And it will be a 100% chance doing so. Hooray. :3

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Source and Experience

100% chance shiny O.O? I wish :P
Lol :) Thank you a lot! That makes me really happy! :3
I meant 100% chance for the nature to pass down, if that was what you were thinking. xD
Ahhh...Makes sense now xD