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I mean, obviously there is the MAJOR stat boost, but only one Pokemon per battle can use it. But on the other hand, you never know what Pokemon is best as a mega evo. SO is it worth putting a mega stone on multiple Pokemon?


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I would normally put a mega stone on only one Pokemon, but putting multiple stones on them could have its advantages, in the case of the one you want to mega-evolve fainting prematurely. Or if it's weak to most of the Pokemon you are battling. You could really go either way.

I would say, though, having multiple mega stones in-game is better than in competitive, because you can better afford to lose a Pokemon with revives in hand. In-game you can basically mega evolve whenever you want to, but in competitive you have to have good timing. Again, either way has its ups and downs Without focus sashes and all that, you can't stay alive, but then without multiple mega stones, if your mega faints you're sunk.

I'm not sure if I made much sense, so I'm hoping someone else who knows a bit more of what they're talking about will answer this in more detail. If I did, however, make sense I hope I helped.

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In-game I'd have as many Pokemon holding Mega Stones as you can, since the game is very easy anyway and you won't have things like Focus Sash and Life Orb etc yet during the story there really isn't anything to lose.

However, if you're playing competitively whether you're competing in a WiFi Battle or in the Battle Maison I would only recommend one Mega Stone, you can only summon one per battle and you need to decide which would be most beneficial to your team if you have more than one possible Mega Evolution.

If you have more than one Mega Stone in a competitive match it
puts you at a huge disadvantage as that time your opponent lived with
1 HP and you were holding an inactive Mega Stone instead of a Life Orb
for example means you lost that match up for no reason.

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It's your opinion if you want to use more than one mega stone. I suggest if you do use multiple, use blaziken, absol, and kangaskan.