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When you first get the mega ring in X and Y, Korrina challenges you to a battle at the top of the Tower of Mastery. If you lose, do you also lose the Lucario she gives you and the Lucarionite its holding...?


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As long as she doesn't get a critical hit or outspeed you, you should
win by using Power-Up Punch twice, although keep in mind that even if
you lose, nothing bad happens, you don't lose any money, and you'll
still proceed through the storyline.

After the fight, Korrina will suggest that you take the Lucario with
you on your journey.

In other words, if you lose, you still get the Lucario and by extension, the Lucarionite

Source: http://www.marriland.com/pokemon-xy/walkthrough/plant-badge/4979-tower-of-mastery

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Thank God. I always seem to have bad luck with these types of things, and I've been raising a riolu of my own..... I NEED that Lucarionite!!!
this is wrong. i lost and i battled her until i won
Actually Gau22 is right
finally someone realised
Not that I losed 4times in a row but this is wrong