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Excluding 0%......Like with paralysis, confusion, infatuation......Not including does conditions which you have to get rid of before you can attack(Sleep, Freeze)


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Paralysis = 25% chance to fail
Infatuation = 50% chance to fail
Confusion = 50% chance to fail
Iron Head from Serene Grace Jirachi = 60% chance to fail
Air Slash from Serene Grace Togekiss = 60% chance to fail

So Paralysis+Infatuation+Confusion+Serene Grace Flinch = 185% chance to fail
However, they don't stack, the chances are calculated individually, so there is a very slim chance that a Pokemon could attack through all of that.

Paralysis: 75% to chance attack +
Infatuation: 37.5% to attack +
Confusion: 18.75% to attack +
Serene Grace Flinch = 11.25% to attack all together

Sources: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Paralysis_(status_condition)

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im not good at statistics and calculating  but  add a kings rock  and calculate that to change the answer by a little bit.
or with a razor claw which it think is a higher percentage.
also  for the serene grace flinch. it was calculated wrong. it turns to 7,5%. but wit the 11.7 frim razor fang it its 6.6225 to be able to attack