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Ability: Unnerve
252 HP + 252 Atk

-Stone Edge


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Honestly, none of those items are great for your your Tyranitar. I recommend Leftovers, Assault Vest, or even a Choice Band if you can get your hands on it. But I'm assuming this is a Generation 4 or 5 Tyranitar, since it has Iron Tail, so scrap the idea of Assault Vest if it is.
If you're force to choose between those, go for Zoom Lens, as Tyranitar is slower than most Pokemon, and will move after them.

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Personally I wouldn't give Tyranitar any of these items. But If I had to choose I would give Tyranitar the Zoom Lens. Mainly because you have given your Tyranitar Iron Tail which only has 75% accuracy and Stone Edge which only has 80% accuracy. Tyranitar has a Base Speed Stat of 61 so in the majority of cases it will go last resulting in a 20% boost in accuracy from the Zoom Lens. I wouldn't give it a Quick Claw because it only has a 20% chance of allowing Tyranitar to move first. And I also wouldn't give it the Wide Lens because the Zoom Lens is there and a Zoom Lens is basically the same as a Wide Lens but boosts your accuracy by 20% instead of 10% if you go last and in Tyranitar's case it generally does move last.

If you want my opinion I would personally give your Tyranitar a Choice Band because judging from the information gained about your Tyranitar (EV investment) it seems as thought you've given it the role of a Tank. A Tank is a Pokémon that is rather bulky but also rather offensive.

With a Choice Band it's Attack will be boosted even more, since it has 252 EV's in HP and 252 EV's in Attack. Your Tyranitar will be quite bulky because of your HP investment. Tyranitar is considered to be an excellent Tank with the right move set.

Other alternative items you could give Tyranitar could be Leftovers (for Recovery) or a Lum Berry (To snap you out of your confusion after Outrage or to be used incase you get burnt by an opponent using Will-O-Wisp in an attempt to decrease your Attack Stat.)

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