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Lets say you use Inferno. Is the accuracy 50 times 1.20= 60 accuracy
Or 50 + 20= 70 accuracy? Please help. My Ninetales is depending on you.

does mega horn and stone edge are good moves with this item? because mega horn has 85 accuracy plus zoom lens = 95 accuracy and stone edge is 80 accuracy plus zoom lens = 90 accuracy i'm i right?

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It is a 20% boost to the move's accuracy. So in Inferno's case, 20% of 50 is 10; so add that to the original 50 and Inferno has 60 accuracy.

So your first calculation is correct.

Inferno is still horribly inaccurate (I thought 70 was bad on Focus Blast), so I'd suggest using a more accurate move like Flamethrower on your Ninetales.

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