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I finished the 3 kalos pokedex, coastal, mountain and central, the professsor tells me so...

But the director of the game in the hotel only giveme ONE certificate, the mountain one, why?

What does he say when he asks you again?

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You just have to ask the guy again - if you aren't able to get the certificates from the guy though, make sure that when you enter your Pokedex, there is a star next to Central Kalos Pokedex, Coastal Kalos Pokedex and Mountain Kalos Pokedex. If there isn't a star next to the first two then they simply aren't completed.

If they are and he still won't give you the certificates after talking to him multiple times, yeah, the game's glitched. However, the certificates are deemed worthless, and you'll only get an Oval Charm, which is not that helpful, really. Sorry.

Hope I helped. :)

Thank you... I realize that they weren't complete
Even so, the professor says they were, because only counts the "seen" ones for the oval charm... but I miss one to get in coastal and central.... sorry :)