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I know everything else (thanks for the link Candle) but what are the cities in Kalos based off of?

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Then I'll edit to only Kalos
Kalos is still unknown, but you can compare the names of the cities to make your own guess.
Lumiose is based off of Paris, France.

I don't know about everywhere else tho
Lumiose city is derived from a french word called lumière means light.Lumiose city bassed of Paris,and Paris is known as city of lights.

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Kalos Cities are Based Off France

Yes, Kalos Cities are based off France, Shalour City is based off Saint Malo, a French City, I cant describe the rest but the whole Kalos Region is based off the northern half of Metropolitan France, which means all the cities are based off real French Cities.

I hope I helped.

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