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So I was watching Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel yesterday and I realized that it was still in Kalos. Then in the storyline they mentioned that magearna was actually made in Kalos from a city there. So why wasn't it in the Kalos dex, and in the Alola dex instead?

None of Magearna's Pokedex entries mention it being made in Kalos; is that just the movie?
I guess?

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My answer is that I'm betting they just wanted to introduce in the next region, and simply thought there wasn't going to be an event for this Pokemon game, actually the next one. Or they didn't think about it, and then decided to bring Magearna into Pokemon games. After all, Magearna did also debut in Pokemon Sun & Moon: Ultra Legends.

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Hmm I guess that makes sense
Turns out you can still use the event QR code now in 2021. It will work with *ALL* copies of SMUSUM.
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Because Magearna was introduced in Gen 7 (Alola). X/Y were released in 2013, and Magearna was revealed officially on February 14th, 2016.
Source: Magearna's Bulbapedia page

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But it was from Kalos and introduced before alola. There is proof of this in even tcg, where there is Magearna ex, and no exs existed after sm came out.
It was revealed before Alola is my understanding but not introduced or obtainable except through hacking