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So I became the Champion and I wanted to get Magearna, so I go to the official page with Magearna's QR code and try to scan it. However, when I try to scan the code, I get a message that says "This QR Code is not supported." Can anybody figure out what's happening?

PS: The event is supposed to go on forever, so I definitely know that it isn't over

Did you try printing it out or something? maybe it doesn't work because it doesn't read it on the pixels?
Yep, still didn't work
Does your game or 3DS need an update?
Just checked, and... nope

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It's possible you may have the right code with the wrong country. I made this mistake at first when I scanned the Europe Magearna code and then realized what I had was not the US one.

Make sure your code matches your country. Search up "Magearna code insert country here" and try that one.

Turns out that I'm an idiot and tried to use the QR scanner on my 3DS itself and not the scanner in the game. Thanks for helping though!
Hey, that doesn't make you an idiot; it just means you were a tiny bit dingy and didn't realize this at first. The good thing is that you realized it at all.... right?
That did the trick :)