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Ok so this is something that is kinda bugging me...
So I finished my dex and because I didn't have all the gender variants I used a the qr scanner to get them in my dex... but I realised that it added every variant, even shiny, to my dex.
For example I didn't have female regular rattata so I scanned female rattata, but instead of just getting female rattata I also got shiny forms of both genders of rattata and alolan rattata shiny... what?

At first I didn't take much notice, but then realised... why would shinies and gender variants have different qr codes if they add all forms of that Pokemon?

And then I scanned the special QR codes on global link and I didn't get the shiny forms or anything...

Global Link QR codes
Other QR codes, where I got rattata and some other Pokemon

I am very confused about this, I'm sure that the other site used pkhex to get the Pokemon to get the codes in the first place, but I don't see why that would make any difference as the QR codes are exactly the same, so why randomly give me shiny forms?
Also I took a photo of a rowlet's QR from my own dex and scanned it, and didn't get shiny rowlet in my dex.

Basically anyone else have this happen to them and have any clue as to why?


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I clicked on the links you provided and I found the answer to your question. The reason why you got those shiny Pokemon in your pokedex is because the site provided the QR codes for the shiny Pokemon. The site where you got the special Pokemon did not provide the QR code for their shiny forms. I scanned the QR codes too. Thanks for bringing me to that site! Now I have some shiny Pokemon in my pokedex too! And, no, the QR codes of Rowlet and shiny Rowlet are different. QR codes are hard to tell apart, but what I did is clicked the arrow button to get to the shiny Rowlet's QR code from the regular Rowlet's and then went back to the regular Rowlet's QR code from the shiny Rowlet's. I did that very fast and I noticed that the QR codes are different.
Hope this helped! :)

I just checked the QR codes for all 6 different variants of rattata and I could find differences in all of them (I was only looking in the bottom left corner too). However if the QR codes are different and I only scanned 1 form of rattata then why did I get the other 3 added to my dex as well? Thats why I'm so confused, if I had scanned shiny forms then of course I would expect shiny forms in my dex, but I didn't scan any shiny forms cause I only really want shinies I find myself in my dex. Same thing with butterfree, raichu, and other pokemon I scanned, I only scanned 1 of them and got every variation in my dex.
Actually I didn't get shiny alolan raichu... I swear I had it but apparently I don't. So I got shiny alolan rattata + both gender variants for shiny rattata for scanning female rattata only, but only got both shiny gender variants of regular raichu when I scanned male raichu... but didn't get shiny alolan raichu? This doesn't make any sense.
When I scanned ones that were not shiny, the shiny form did not appear in my dex, but I'll check again.
No, it did not give me the shiny form of lucario, which I scanned as regular
yeah its really weird and its not very consistent at all which is why I'm so confused